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Phanom Rung

Phanom Rung is one of Thailand’s most amazing Khmer architecture site, aged over a thousand years old. Built on an extinct volcano, it was originally a Hindu religious site and later became a Buddhist one. Several additions were made during the 15th-18th Buddhist century. The first thing noticed on arrival is a grand stairway from the foot of the hill up to the top. Most of the sanctuary buildings are made of laterite and sandstone, all with elaborate designs. The buildings are lined all the way to the main pagoda whose layout is according to Hindu belief of the layout of God Shiva’s heaven.The large main pagoda has a square base facing the East. Exquisite designs on the pagoda, columns, doorway, and lintels tell a story of Hindu gods. Each building features descriptive motifs reciting a purpose of its construction, functionality and beliefs of ancient people.Based on these intricate designs and architecture, it is surmised that the pagoda, the stairway and the Naga Bridge were all built during the 17th Buddhist century.






Morakot Cave

one of the fantastic attractions of the Unseen in Thailand is located at the west of Ko Muk. The exciting journey to รูปภาพรูปภาพรูปภาพ






besides seeing the marvelous nature creation is the way to reach the cave by swimming one by one into the entrance of the cave with the width of not more than 10 metres and little area above the sea level.

Tham Morakot is visited by swimming or by small inflatable boats. Starting from a ship, the swimmer has to enter the cave until he reaches a water filled chamber, which is lit by sunlight through a hole in the ceiling. The entrance passage is rather small and low, and it is passable only during low tide. If visitors miss the time inside, they have to wait for the next low tide to get out again. 

The name of the cave means Emerald Cave. It describes the emerald colour produced by sunlight filtered through sea water. Inside the cave is a secluded beach of white sand. 

This cave played a small role in the enormous desaster of the 2004 Christmas earthquake and tsunami of southeast Asia. When the wave hit the cave, two swimmers were washed in, battered, and killed. Eighty visitior who survived the wave were resued after five hours. 

Another cave in the Hat Chao Mai Marine National Park is called Tham Chao Mai. It is located in the south of the park and is a dry cave above the sea with a small spring inside. It also only reached by boat, but it is not necessary to swim.

koh phangan

Full Moon Party 

Koh Phangan is a unique and very special Island in the

Gulf of Thailand, it is sheltered from heavy weather

and maintains one of the best climates in the region.

The Full Moon Party has bought the Island global

notoriety and it’s a fantastic place to party, but Koh

Phangan also has many other sides to amaze its visitors.              

The Full Moon is far more than a party ; it is Had Rin’s

dance music festival, with everything from drum ans

bass to full-on psy-trance. This wide, sandy beach in

the beach in the south of Pha Ngan is one of the

most beautiful ones. Had Rin is actually comprised of

 two  popular beaches, Rin Nai Beach on west side of

 the peninsula and Rin Nok on the east side.      

 From Rin Nai beach you can see Koh Samui very cleary. This is also a great place

to catch the sunset. On the beach os Rin Nok is Bang Rak pier where the ferryboats from koh south Samui arrive and leave daily. Rin Nok beach is well known among Thai as well as the foreigner tourist for its ” Full Moon Party ” . This spot is ranked as the third most beautiful spot in the world to view the full moon. For this reason on every full moon night a great number of tourists from all over the world flock here to take part in the famous celebration, stores and restaurants available on the island. Had Rin is located on the southeastern tip of the island, 12 kilometers south from the district Office in Ban Thong Sala or take a ferry directly from Koh Samui to get there.รูปภาพรูปภาพรูปภาพรูปภาพรูปภาพรูปภาพ

Erawan waterfall

Erawan Falls has seven levels dropping down over 1,500m and is regarded as one the more beautiful in Thailand.

 You can walk to each level fairly easily on the paths but if you’re aiming to get to the very top then it’s a bit of a scramble up the cliff – it’s worth the effort though!

 You can swim in some of the pools created by the falls. Around the park are also several caves where you can explore and see some weird and wonderful limestone formations, stalagtites and stalagmites!

 The best caves to see are Wang Bahdan, Pratat, Rua, and Mee which has five “rooms” to be explored!

 Best known for its stunning seven-tiered water­fall, this 550-sq-km park (0 3457 4222; http://www.dnp.go.th; admission 400B; 8am-4.30pm) is easily accessed by public bus from Kanchanaburi.


The cascading and pooling waterfall feeds into Mae Nam Khwae Yai, and it’s a 2km hike to the top pool. The uppermost fall is said to resemble Erawan, the three-headed elephant of Hindu mythology.

 The trail can be steep, slippery and non-existent from place to place, so wear good walking shoes or sneakers. Also bring a bathing suit as several of the pools are great for swimming.

 ImageImageImageOn weekends and holidays, the falls are very crowded, and are a favourite destination during Songkran (Thai New Year).



Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan

There are hundreds of sources for information on fact, figures and history about today’s subject, Wat Arun, so I won’t belabor you with a lot of details. Here’s a brief overview, though, to give you a crash course on the place:

Wat Arun (or, more correctly Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan) has stood for nearly 200 years in the Thonburi section of greater Bangkok, on the Western side of the Chao Phraya River, just a few hundred yards from the corner of the Grand Palace grounds. The Thai knew it first as Wat Chaeng, a magnificent temple built on some 25 acres of land in the early 1800s.

Wat Arun was painstakingly decorated with pieces of ceramic tile and other broken cast-off materials that trading ships brought from China as ballast and then dumped in Thailand.
Tourists will know it as Wat Arun, the temple of dawn, but it’s at its dramatic best late in the afternoon, when the golden light brings it alive from the other side of the river. It’s also quite impressive at night, bathed by an extensive system of lights. I’ll follow up with another post featuring night shots of the temple soon.ImageImageImage

The Venezia Hua Hin

44 45 43 42 38_2 39_2 40_2 41The Venezia Hua Hin

Perfect Charming Combination of Hua Hin and Venice
The Venezia Hua Hin: The inspiration of this magnificent project came from the charming of the world famous river city named ‘Venice, Italy’. Venice is known as a city that massively uses water transportation by using the canal as a traffic channel through out the city. In addition, the Venice has also preserved traditional stores with beautiful sculpture surrounding of the canal area. These charming can be compared to one of the most charming in Thailand, Hua Hin.
Hua Hin is the major tourist destination and long time famous city in Thailand. As of the fact that Hua Hin is currently regarded as the prime tourism potential in terms of rapidly and steadily growing in the business and numbers of both Thai and foreign tourists. As the distance between Hua Hin and Bangkok, it is very convenient to travel as same day trip between Bangkok and Hua Hin; It takes less than two hours by car. Hua Hin, the city of relaxing place for living and visiting supported by surrounding many major attractions. Of course, huge buying power of over 65 million people across the country and oversea visitors.







we are proud to present the most Romantic Place at….Doi Mae Salong …..
One of Chiang Rai’s top attractions in every way, “little China on the mountain,” is well worth the dizzying drive 80 kilometers northeast of the city, rising to a cool altitude of 1,800 meters.When communism was established in China in 1949, the Kuomintang, southern remnants of the National China Army, fled into Burma and survived by growing opium. The Burmese army pushed them into Thailand in 1961; they were some 4,000 exhausted men who then faced violent competition from drug warlord Khun Sa.Somehow, they established themselves on this mountain and were welcomed by the resolutely anti-communist Thais. They brought their own language and their own style of building. Roofs with upturned corners can even be seen on brand new homes. The struggles of the original settlers ended as recently as the 1980’s and the straggling, switchback little town of some 20,000 inhabitants has been named Santikiri, “hill of peace.”The late Princess Mother led effective measures to substitute tea, coffee, rice, peaches, and lychees for poppies and encouraged handicraft production by the Chinese and their neighbors, the Akha, Lisu, Mien, and Hmong. The Chedi Boromathat was built in memory of the Princess Mother and affords dramatic views of the once war-torn border.

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